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US LHC Users Association 2018 - Why do we care about di-Higgs Production?

26 Oct 2018

This past week I’ve got the chance to speak at Fermilab during the annual US LHC Users Association Meeting. This meeting is a fun opportunity to hear US contributions to all the LHC experiments.

In particular, there’s “lightning round” talks, in which graduate students give short, 8 minute talks over a topic, with 2 minutes afterwards for questions. I participated in this session, giving a talk titled “Why do we care about di-Higgs Production,” an attempt to explain the motivation behind the di-Higgs searches at ATLAS and highlighting some of the recent results, particularly the recent result combining the 𝛾𝛾bb, bbττ, and bbbb channels, setting the best ever limits on the Higgs self-coupling parameter.

My slide deck can be found here.